I don’t think the AC is working

I got house from task the other afternoon, gleeful to go over and turn on the TV and stand in my recliner while napping.

  • The a/c would quickly blow across my skin.

I walked into the condo and turned on the TV. I had finally settled into my chair and was just getting into a wonderful snooze when I heard a thump. The a/c went off with a groan and I popped off. I don’t know if the sound startled myself and others awake, or it was really the abrupt lack of air coming from the air vents. The TV was still on, so I already knew it wasn’t a problem with the power. It was now my turn to groan deeply as I picked up the iPhone to call the Heating and A/C contractor I always used. I told them about the loud thump and then the groan as it slowly quit properly working. They sent an Heating and A/C tech to the condo the very following day. I was ecstatic I had a window a/c component in my home office to use as a backup. Since I had a few difficulties with my a/c component in the past, I was wise and constantly had the window AC so I could get some sleep. My doorbell was suddenly ringing at 7AM the following day. They told myself and others the serviceman would be at that house plenty early, even though I had not yet dressed. I threw on my robe and sleepily peered right out the door. The Heating and A/C tech smiled and said it would be a really warm one, and he wanted to check the a/c component before I needed it. He reminded myself and others he had told me to get a new AC component soon.


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