I’m just waiting for that buzz to take action.

The two of us had recently had a sizable storm go through our area without much warning.

The winds had left behind fallen trees and downed power lines in the village. The wind had ripped roofs off and left devastation in our small town. That actually was nearly a month ago, and we still haven’t had our power restored. I certainly was one of the lucky ones. The only destruction I had done was that a large oak tree had promptly fallen across my driveway and plugged us from coming or going with our cars. The wonderful news was that we would have plenty of wood available to feed the fireplace throughout the winter. I’m not feeling too upset about the power so much as the mildew I am smelling in my home. It is definitely making myself and others wonder if there is also mold forming right now in my house. The heat and humidity have been ongoing, and living separate from power, I have no a/c or dehumidification. It was sweltering all the time in the house, and my family was starting to guess the toll. I convinced my wife to just take the kids and go to a hotel until the power turned on and I had the a/c running once again. I wanted someone to inspect the condo for mold before they moved back in to the residence. I sat in the house, separate from my family, waiting patiently to hear the sound of the power coming on. This really isn’t so bad, afterall.

Air conditioning technician