I tried to have tact

There is nothing my boyfriend enjoys to hear less than when someone says I told you so.

No matter how right I am and how totally wrong he is, I never utter those words. I love my boyfriend and I would not ever want to upset him that way. He may be one of the very best Heating and A/C servicemen in our area, even though I constantly told him time and time again there could be someone better. It was my way of teasing, and he understood that fact. Just for a little history: I met my boyfriend when he was recently hired at the Heating and A/C contractor where I also worked. He came in for an HVAC tech interview and I had the dubious honor of doing his interview. I say dubious, of course, because I was instantly attracted to him. I didn’t know if I could do an honorable analysis of his actual ability to do the job. I wanted him to task there because I liked who he was and how he looked. I have to disclose that his credentials from the Heating and A/C certification trade school were impeccable. Since hiring him, he has been one of the very best Heating and A/C servicemen in our contractor company. The other afternoon, I had to send him to one of our worst clients. She is always complaining about her a/c, however there is never anything wrong with the AC device. Most of the boys do a little cleaning and tell her it’s fine. The customer is entirely ecstatic. My boyfriend told her there was nothing wrong, and in fact she had wasted his time and the contractor’s time by calling for nothing. After that, I had to reprimand him and he is not ecstatic with me.

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