That moron can’t repair anything

I am so miserable with my boyfriend that I don’t know what to do with him right now.

I have been pacing around the room for about a minute now.

I want to go to him immediately while shaking my fist and yelling. I know that when I get this miserable; he always just ignores me. He pretends he is listening to my rant and then pats my cheek while kindly kissing my nose. This just angers myself and others all over again, even though normally I have to smile. This time I will not smile and let him get away with another particularly stupid stunt; He could have killed himself and burned our condo down. It really isn’t the first time he has done something such as this. The last time was when he tried to task on the furnace. He was so brave in the moment and thought he was smart. The pilot had gone out. He thought he could go all the way downstairs and relight the pilot light, however it wasn’t so simple. He told myself and others with bravado to go upstairs and he would have the furnace running in no time. Fifteen seconds later, I heard a boom, and he yelped. He came upstairs with his poor beard, mustache, and eyebrows burnt off. I had to take him to the hospital. I also quickly had to call the fire contractor because the stupid basement was in flames. That hasn’t changed anything. He wanted to repair the a/c component last week. I called the Heating and A/C contractor, because I don’t want him to change the air filters or disinfect the air vents. Does he really feel like I want him to touch the media air cleaner?

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