The kid was terrified

I got home the other afternoon, only in order to hear my husband grumbling.

Our child had done something or other, and of course it had caused the a/c to shut off.

My husband was upset because it put a massive kink in his habit of coming home and napping after work. He said he couldn’t nap if he wasn’t able to have his a/c. I tried to calm him down as best I could, and I told him I would call the Heating and A/C contractor as soon as I put my crap down. He wasn’t ecstatic about this. He said he was upset about the additional expense of calling the Heating and A/C contractor. I rolled my eyes hard and tried to explain that if he wanted to have his a/c I was going to have to do something about the HVAC system. In the meantime, my thirteen-year-old child was sitting in his home office, thinking his father was going to murder him. He carefully told myself and others that worse than murder, was if he had to actually pay for the Heating and A/C repair call. His dad had said it would easily cost both of us thousands of dollars. I asked what had happened, and he said he and his little associate were rough housing. He had ended up hitting the thermostat with his tiny shoulder blade and the a/c shut off. He got a bit upset because I started laughing. When my son’s shoulder came into contact with the thermostat, he simply had hit the off button. I made his father go up and apologize right away to his son.

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