I’m in a great mood

I am not an easy person to please and I know it.

My partner is constantly trying to make myself and others smile, however it generally doesn’t work.

It takes a lot of work and patience to make myself feel ecstatic and bring immeasurable pleasure. I was so ecstatic to see my dear partner the other afternoon. He wasn’t even all the way in the door at that time when I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him. I would not let go of him no matter what. He laughed and told myself and others I had to let go so he could get rid of his blazer for a second. I knew he was wondering what had made myself and others so freaking ecstatic? I told him about my afternoon and how the wonderful Heating and A/C serviceman had come to the house. I had been so completely upset over the lack of heating. I was thinking he would never show up to finally repair the furnace. After waiting days, the Heating and A/C serviceman arrived. It took him nearly three hours and by that time; I was turning purple and blue from the cold. I told him that the Heating and A/C guy went right downstairs, and it took less than fifteen seconds before the furnace worked again. I had heat coming from every air vent in the house and it was seeming like the best afternoon I had had in weeks. When I told him that all I had to hear that morning was the buzz of the furnace warming up, I was already getting ecstatic. He heartily laughed at myself and others as I assured him; it really was the furnace running that made myself and others smile.
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