The family who can’t agree on rapidly decreasing temperatures

The Jones family consists of the Mom, Jan the dad, Joe and the 2 youngsters Jeff and Jenny. The Jones family gets along really well in most ways, but the one thing they cannot agree on is an indoor air temperature that suits them all, jan and Jenny are constantly cold. No matter what season it is, they are constantly shivering. Joe and Jeff are constantly hot. It could be 20 degrees outside but they do not really think cold. As you can imagine, this causes some tension while I was in the times their family is inside. During the winter, Jan likes to set the thermostat to 73 degrees. Jenny is glad with this temperature setting because she is constantly chilly so this legitimately warms her up enough to be comfortable. Joe and Jeff do not love this temperature. As people that naturally run hot, they sweat when the heat is turned up this high. Joe respectfully goes to the thermostat and turns it way down. This makes him and Jeff thrilled, but then Jan and Jenny complain. In the summer, Joe sets the thermostat to make the air conditioning come on at a chilly 77 degrees. Joe and Jeff are glad with this, but Jan and Jenny not so much. This is only a concern when all four family members are apartment and inside at the same time. To save their sanity and their electric bill, the family compromised. In the winter, the thermostat will be set to a normal temperature to save money and Jan and Jenny will have to wear sweatshirts and fuzzy socks around the house. In the summer, the air conditioning will be set to a sufficient temperature and Joe and Jeff will have to wear cotton clothing and use personal fans if they are too hot.



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