Want to keep cool separate from increasing your electric bill?

Many of us want to beat the summer time heat separate from racking up a crazy luxurious electric bill, but this is possible, however you will need to put some effort as well as creativity to get results, and here are some energy saving tips to keep you cool separate from running your air conditioner care about crazy this summer; First, use cotton sheets as well as wear cotton clothes at night! One of the hardest times to not have your air conditioner blasting cold air is at night, wearing cotton clothes as well as using cotton sheets will cool you down a lot more than silk or wool materials, however next, ditch the sizzling showers; Although sizzling showers are what you are really used to as well as are really relaxing, they will increase your body temperature as well as you will end up covered in sweat more post shower… Make your showers cool as well as put on cotton clothing after.

Also, let your hair air dry instead of creating heat from a blow dryer as well as you won’t miss your air conditioner too much.

Fans are your friend… You can use your ceiling fans or portable fans to keep you cool! If you want to be extra cool, you can place a bowl full of ice in front of a fan. It may mimic the feeling of cold air that you would normally get from an a/c. If you can see, turn off the lights during the day, and believe it or not, your lamps as well as lights give off heat, then even electronics give off heat. Turning off the lights as well as electronics will help you be more energy efficient as well as save money. If possible, during the day close your windows as well as blinds. This will block the sunlight as well as disconnect heat from inside your home. At night, you can open your windows to let fresh air in.

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