My house is finally air-conditioned

I cannot even describe how excited I am to have air conditioning in my house

My house is finally air-conditioned. I had been trying to get air conditioning in my house for about five months. I contacted an HVAC company and left a message, but they never got back to me. I tried calling that same HVAC company three more times, and I didn’t even get set to an answering machine. Turns out, the HVAC company was closed due to all virus stuff going on right now. I tried calling the only other HVAC company in my city, and they did eventually answer their phone. It took me at least three calls to get them to answer. When they finally did answer, they told me that it would be quite a wait to get my air conditioner installed. I was furious, but there was nothing that I could do. They were super busy because they were the only HVAC company left in the city. I waited for over a month and a half in order to get just a call back from the HVAC company saying that they could come out and install an air conditioner in my house. Well, the day that they were supposed to come, their company had to shut down because of a virus outbreak. I then had to wait a couple more months for them to reopen. I was one of their first customers thankfully, but it ended up being almost five months before I had air conditioning in my home. I cannot even describe how excited I am to have air conditioning in my house. I would have never picked to wait so long, but waiting sure did make air conditioning seem even better than it would have if I hadn’t waited five months.

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