Everyone is watching

When you work in an office that doesn’t have good air conditioning and humidity control, it can be a very trying day.  When it is summer, and you are in the south, it is even ten times worse. I tend to sweat quite easily. My coworkers are always complaining about how cold it is in the office.  I was so uncomfortable, that I went online to see if there was anything I could use that would help to take care of the problem that I was having. I came across this personal air conditioner.  You simply plug it in, and it blows cool air over you. I was surprised at how inexpensive they are. They are small enough to put on a desk. From everything I have read, the personal air conditioner it is exactly what I need for my own personal comfort.  I went ahead and ordered the personal AC and I impatiently awaited for it to be delivered. The day after it arrived, I carried it into the office and everyone was watching. I set it on my desk, and I could not believe how short of a time it was before I could feel the cooling air.  My desk area was at least ten degrees cooler than any other area in the office. The air no longer smelled stagnant, and I wasn’t sweating because of the humid temperatures in the office. I could not have been happier than if they had given me a personal office with a thermostat and my own choice of temperature settings.  Well, maybe that would be a little better.

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