Decided to help some strangers out, and it felt good doing so

It was pretty crazy the other day when we were driving, we saw this couple walking down the road.

The lady was pregnant, and she looked like she was about to have her baby.

I decided to stop to ask them if they were okay. The lady seemed extremely comfortable. They explained that their car was in the shop, and they had to walk to get to the hospital to have their baby. I asked them if we could give them a ride. They seemed hesitant like they didn’t want to intrude but I had to insist. I said the A/C in the car was cranked up, and if they needed it cooler in the SUV, I could always crank the air conditioning system even more. They thanked us profusely when we took them into the SUV to take them to the hospital. Just to make sure they were comfortable, I actually did adjust the temperature control settings to get the A/C cranked up a little more. They said it felt really comfortable in our SUV and thanked us so much when we got them to the hospital. It seemed like as soon as we dropped them off, they were ready to go because that lady was having contractions! I just prayed that they delivered that baby safely and were blessed with a healthy baby. It’s cool because later on, we decided to visit the hospital and we found that couple. They were really happy to see us and let us see their new baby. We even got to hold the baby, it was so nice! We ended up giving them our contact information, and said if they ever needed anything, we would help them out.

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