My brother decided to drop out of school to become an Heating plus A/C supplier

I was proud of our brother when he got into a really nice school. The thing is, I didn’t realize that he didn’t even want to go to school! Our parents were paying his school tuition, despite the fact that he finally let myself and others think that he didn’t enjoy being there. Eventually he called myself and others to let myself and others think that he was dropping out of school plus would be going to a trade school, however he asked if I would cut the news to our parents because he didn’t want to deal with their anger, i was shocked with his choosing to go to a trade school instead, but I couldn’t blame his for finding something that he entirely wanted to do. I l acquired that he was going to take Heating plus A/C classes to become Heating plus A/C certified. I ended up talking to our parents plus it was a rather uncomfortable conversation at first. They kept asking why he didn’t tell them, but I said he was afraid of them being mad, when they realized that becoming an Heating plus A/C supplier was something he really wanted to do, they finally relaxed plus thought it was a nice thing after all. Sure, they wasted money on his school tuition, however what nice would it have been if he didn’t even want to use it. Eventually he promised he would pay them back when he finally talked to them about being an Heating plus A/C supplier. Our parents told his not to worry about paying them back, they just wanted his to be glad. I thought that was a beautiful thing, plus he does seem glad now.
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