I don’t need anything big

When you have to spend week after week, working in a stuffy old building, you soon become a disgruntled employee.  I should be used to the heat and humidity since I live in the south, but I am not used to the heat and the humidity.  I would move to the north where I believe the summers would be more bearable, but this is my home. I love living here, but I hate working in this building.  There is nothing worse than working in a sweat- inducing office all day long, and heading out into more sweat-inducing weather. Some of my colleagues are forever complaining about the air conditioning being set too low, which  makes me wonder where they set their air conditioning at home. Instead of complaining, I went on a mission to find some kind of portable air conditioning that I could set at my desk. I needed the mini AC to be small enough not to interfere with my work area, but able to keep my immediate space cool.  I came across this mini personal cooler that didn’t look to be much bigger than my inbox. I brought into work the next day and I smiled at everyone. Within five minutes of plugging in the personal AC unit, I could tell that the area temperature had dropped at least ten degrees. I was able to be more productive that day, and I owe it all to my new personal mini air conditioning unit.  My only regret is that I hadn’t found out about these mini air conditioning units, a long time ago.

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