Awesome days ahead with HVAC controlled sunroom

Having lived all my life enduring the worst the northern winters could throw at us, I think I have earned the right to some year round sun.

That’s right, it’s time to move on and leave all the ugly winter stuff behind.

While I am excited to be living in our new, smaller retirement condo, my excitement might be more about no more winters with an HVAC furnace. Where I lived all my life, the winter started well before Thanksgiving and didn’t let up until mid April at best. Sometimes the HVAC furnace was still on during the first week of May. Now, I loved watching the snowfall and blanket our yard. Having Christmas in a setting like that is magical. Yet, it was dealing with all that cold that just finally burned me out. It will be tough leaving our friends and family but it’s time. I know one thing that will ease the hollow feeling of leaving loved ones behind. That would be the new sunroom that my husband is having added to our new retirement condo. The entire time we have been married, it has been a dream of mine to have a sunroom. However, given the lack of sun and the long cold winter, it didn’t ever seem very prudent to have a sunroom up north. My husband even had the HVAC people come out to put in a ductless HVAC unit in the sunroom. So by the time we move in, the sunroom will have its very own independent HVAC source.


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