This can be quite difficult

Sometimes it can be very difficult when you work in an office.  You have to put up with the same thermostat setting as everyone else.  There is always someone who is not happy with where the thermostat is set, and it seems like everyone should be happy.  I happen to be the one who isn’t happy in our office. Most of the coworkers are unhappy because they feel the thermostat is set too low, but I like my work space to be cooler.  I can’t concentrate if it isn’t cool enough. I would have my thermostat set at sixty-five if I could. That is why I decided that I needed to do something about my comfort. I went into the local home store, and I asked them what they had in the way of personal air conditioning.  They showed me this little box that looked more like a speaker, than an air conditioner. They told me that it was strong enough to cool off a ten foot by ten foot area. They said it would even work outside, if it was close enough to me. I took that tiny air conditioner into the office with me, and I placed it on my desk.  Everyone looked at me oddly when I plugged it in, but within ten minutes, my space was at least ten degrees cooler than the rest of the room. That personal space air conditioner was the answer to my comfort in the work area. I only wish I had thought to find out about the personal space air conditioner a long time ago.

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