I’d clean the air conditioner

I used to work in this old building that must have had the worst air conditioning of any place I had ever worked.  While most of my coworkers were complaining about how cold it was in the office, I was always complaining about the heat.  I couldn’t believe that there was so much difference from one part of the area to the other. It seems all they want to do is whine about the situation, but I decided one day that I was going to do something and remedy the situation.  Even if everyone else was happy with the HVAC system, I wasn’t. I went to the home store and I inquired about a personal space air conditioning unit that I could use at my desk. I didn’t want to upset anyone, but I needed my personal space to be cooler.  They showed me this little box that was actually a personal air conditioner. It would fit on the top of my desk and it wasn’t as big as my inbox. I bought the AC unit and I took it to work with me the next day. I got a couple of smiles and some looks of derision, but I couldn’t wait to turn on my AC.  Within ten minutes, I swear my work area was at least ten degree cooler. That mini portable personal air conditioner worked wonders to make me more comfortable. I got a couple of questions of people came over to my desk and they could feel the difference. A week later, I saw three more personal air conditioners sitting on top of other desks.

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