Make a priority to work out

No matter what is going on in my life, I take an hour and work out.

  • My boyfriend knows not to get in between me and a work out.

I am so much happier once I have done something physical. I get to feel good about myself, take a shower and feel refreshed the whole day. My muscles no longer feel tight and I don’t freak out about what I eat during the day then. On vacation my boyfriend knows he needs to occupy himself in the morning. He finds himself breakfast and hangs around the hotel. I go to the fitness center, a run or take a group fitness class if offered. After my workout, we then can go about our day. On days that I travel by airplane super early in the morning, it gets rough. I either need to get up early or work out with jet lag. I have learned in the past though, it is better to do something. I will admit, I am a bit nuts. I have been extremely sick, hungover or exhausted and I force a workout in. Sometimes I make myself feel worse while doing it. I feel 90% of the time it is a good idea to get something physical done. It certainly doesn’t hurt my body stretching and warming up. I need to do something cardio and weightlifting oriented too each day. Because I am so nuts working out, I still look good and have very little physical issues at my age. I hardly ever have a day where I am sore.

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