Getting more fit with good instruction

When I was younger, I went to the gym in order to get big.

There was no real strategy except to get big to look better to women.

That is hard to admit now some 30 years later. But, going to the local gym was nothing compared to what is going on now with health and wellness. Not to say that there aren’t a measure of people who have purely image reasons to work out. Those folks are still at the gym. However, there are far more group fitness training classes along with the entire nutritional counseling component. Going to my health and fitness center allows me to do so much more than just go in to pump iron. I think it’s fair to say that I am not going to be a pinup muscle guy in this life. However, I really want to get back to wellness and fitness. It’s particularly important given my age and condition. I’m sliding into my fifties and I just don’t want to end up not being able to be mobile and fit as I age. So, if I’m going to get into shape, it’s going to be now. And, I want to take advantage of personal training as well as engaging other certified fitness experts. There is just a wealth of opportunity now at my local gym. I want to be sure that I do what I can to take full advantage of what is offered with many of the workout programs. I’m really excited again to be embracing plans to further develop my health and wellness.

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