This guy is covered in sweat

I know everyone has been there. We all go out to eat and occasionally something goes wrong. Maybe the waiter mixed your order up. Maybe the kitchen didn’t get your $40 steak right. Maybe the food took forever to come out. Whatever it is, trust me, I know how frustrating it is when on your night off – the night to relax and enjoy the night is finally at hand – and things just happen hit the proverbial fan. However as bad as these things are, let me tell you about the worst time I ever had eating out. I couldn’t believe when I was taking a girl I just asked out for our first date, and would you know the air conditioning cut out on us! I don’t mean someone accidently raised the knob a little too much. No, I mean the thing just shut down altogether. It was a typical summer night hot as can be, and in the stuffy restaurant, it was far worse. Here I was dressed to the nines hoping to make a great impression, and because the HVAC system crashed I was a heaping mess covered in sweat. I would rather have been stuck in cave beneath the surface of the moon, than trapped there with no way of cooling off. Fortunately, they must have had a service technician not too far down the street. Because after about 20 minutes of 90 degree torture, the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning unit was back in full service. I have never in my life been so relieved to experience the soothing feeling of a cool breeze on my face. I was so sure my date would hate me forever. Would you guess it? We got married just last week.

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