Making a good impression

I believe almost everyone has gone out to eat and had something go wrong.  Maybe the hostess mixed your food order up. Maybe the kitchen didn’t prepare your $40 steak properly. Maybe the food took a long time to come out.  Whatever the problem, trust me, I realize how aggravating it is on your evening off. It’s the opportunity to relax. When the evening finally arrives, something things just don’t go as planned.  However frustrating these issues are, let me tell you about the worst time I experienced when eating out. I was taking a girl out on our first date. Unfortunately, the air conditioner quit on us! I don’t mean someone set too high of a temperature.  The air conditioner shut down altogether. It was a summertime evening, with warm weather, and inside the eating establishment, it was hot and sticky. I was dressed up, hoping to make a good impression. When the HVAC system quit, I was immediately sweaty. I would rather have been eating outside in the heat, than trapped inside the restaurant with no way of cooling off.  Fortunately, they must have called in an HVAC contractor right away. After about 20 minutes of torture, the HVAC contractor showed up and managed a quick repair. I was so relieved to feel the cool air from the air conditioner. I am sure my date was relieved as well. She looked a little sweaty too. We ended up staying for another round of drinks. I think we both needed to cool off and take advantage of that working air conditioner.  

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