We are dying from the stink without any A/C

I really can’t believe how exhausting our dormitory smells at this time.

It literally smells as if I have my head in a dirty laundry tote all of the time.

It hasn’t constantly been this bad, and the stench started about 2 days ago. I don’t even think it is a coincidence that that is also when the air conditioner equipment happened to go down in the dormitory. I used to complain often because it was constantly freezing in my dorm room. I used a heated blanket, hot socks, as well as a hoodie to remain warm all of the time, however at night I would wear those warm, fuzzy pajamas that are as thick as blankets. Still, I could never get warm. So, at first, I was totally thrilled when the air conditioner equipment stopped working. I was able to get warm after that, but then the stench started getting bad. The dormitory constantly smelled bad but not terrible. It is because people don’t commonly take showers as often as they should. People are really lazy for the most part. They also don’t do laundry genuinely often as well as trash is scattered around in the dorm rooms. It was not until this incident with the air conditioner equipment that I could see why it is that they keep the entire dormitory entirely freezing with the air conditioner equipment blasting away all of the time. It is to keep the smell down… Mold as well as fungus don’t grow too well in cold uneven temperatures. Air conditioning equipment also removes the moisture from the air. I also suppose that there is a great air filter in the a/c equipment as well as that this air filter helps with the brutal stench; normally. I just hope they get the air conditioner equipment fixed soon as well as I will never complain of the freezing temps ever again. It is better to be freezing than completely smelly.
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