Air filters can smell really good

Did you know that you can buy air filters that are made with special scents? I did not know that until a recent trip to the hardware store.

  • I usually buy my air filters online, but I’ve been changing the air filters more frequently since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak.

I ran out of air filters quickly and the online distributor is out of my special size. I decided to go to the hardware store to find something that would fit my HVAC unit. I was incredibly surprised by the huge selection, which included more than 20 or 30 different air filter sizes and shapes. Each shape and size had different filters for different needs. Some were made for regular and normal everyday use and some were made to remove tobacco smells, pet odors, or other indoor irritants. I also found air filters that were made with special smells like lavender, citrus, vanilla, and cinnamon. The hardware store also had another product that clips to the front of each indoor air vent. It looks like a car deodorizer and smells very nice. I decided to buy some clips for the indoor air vents. My favorite scent is apples and cinnamon, so I tried their version. Even though the scent dissipated after a few days, I thought the house smelled really nice for several hours. If I was entertaining guests, it would be much nicer and cooler than lighting a dozen different candles. I told my Mom about the air filter fragrances and she went crazy. She didn’t know they made this cool product either!

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