I was stuck outside the restaurant

I know everyone has been in the same situation. We go out to eat and something goes terribly wrong.  Sometimes the waitress mixes up your order. Sometimes the chef didn’t cook your $40 steak the way you want. Maybe the food takes forever to arrive and is cold. Whatever the complaint, I sympathize with how frustrating it is on your evening off.  I get so few evenings to relax and go out. When the evening finally arrives, I want everything to be perfect. No matter how frustrating these things are, I had the worst experience eating out last weekend. I was on a first date with this real cute girl from the office.  We sat down to eat and the air conditioner cut out. I don’t mean that the thermostat was set uncomfortably high. The air conditioner malfunctioned and just shut down altogether. It was a typical summer evening. The weather was hot and humid. Inside the stuffy restaurant, it was even worse. I was dressed in my work clothes, with long sleeves,  and because the A/C system failed I was a mess. I was covered in sweat. I would rather have been stuck outside the restaurant in the heat, than trapped in those overheated conditions with no way of cooling off. Fortunately, they must have called an HVAC contractor right away. The technician showed up and had the system working within half an hour.   The Air Conditioning unit was back on and providing a great deal of cool air. I don’t think I have ever been so relieved in my life. The cool air was so welcomed. I was so sure my date was equally happy. We both ordered another drink, and the date went from disaster to enjoyable.