Things are getting much better in here

My husband and I’ve been house-hunting for almost a year now; Both of us aren’t in a big rush to be moving so we’re going through the houses with a fine-tooth comb! We know we want the best deal possible for our money, and we don’t mind putting in some manual labor to make that happen. There’s been a few houses that require a little bit of TLC if we were to go purchase the house, which means lower bottom lines. One of them recently had their HVAC system fall apart, and the previous owners had no intentions to install a new system. Because of this, the house was remarkably cheaper than any other houses of the same caliber. Both of us really don’t mind having a professional Heating and A/C company install a new and improved heating and cooling system. We’d even install a new one ourselves! If it means that we’re going to be getting a much better deal in the end, it’s totally worth it! My husband is a bit of a handyman himself, so it’s no big deal to him if he has to put some work in on a new home. If we found ourselves in a situation where we had to install a brand-new Heating and A/C system, I know it would be in our best interests for savings down the road. It would be a ideal scenario as it would also give us a group project for us to spend time together doing, as we invest into our future!

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