The temperature control is back

Last weekend was mostly a great time. We arranged to have a dance off inside of my residing room! When everyone came over, everyone was doing some of the craziest moves. We were competing to see who had the absolute best moves. We had judges and everything for this competition. It was actually something like one of those major talent shows on TV. Well, it was very intense and with all the people in my house and all the body heat, I ended up having to go to the temperature control and really cranking up the A/C system. It seemed that the A/C was keeping up with things rather well for a period of time, until eventually it was becoming too hot. I went to the temperature control once again to turn the A/C system up even higher. Eventually it seemed like I had the A/C equipment running at full blast and it was still becoming too hot during our major dance competition. Everyone was actually starting to complain about the climate control inside of my house. Eventually the system shut down altogether, and disappointedly we had to cut things short. We still ranked everyone by the judges’ standards and were able to announce the winners. I grabbed everyone cool drinks and promised that next time I would have the A/C working in pristine condition! Everyone really loved the sound of that. I decided I would surprise everyone though and talked with my HVAC company about installing a brand new A/C machine! I decided to have rapid heating and cooling in my house which meant I had to switch out the ductwork with much narrower ducts, but it was going to be worth it!

HVAC unit