A terrible storm destroyed our HVAC units

A terrible storm destroyed our HVAC units all in one night! We were expecting the storm to come and had taken our window air conditioner out so that it wouldn’t get destroyed, but we never expected anything to happen to our central air conditioner or furnace! When the storm hit, we had to go to the tornado shelter because we thought we were at risk. When we came up the next morning, we were shocked to see that our central air conditioner had been picked up and thrown across our yard! We were so upset because we had just gotten that central air conditioner a few weeks earlier from a really high end heating and cooling business. We also were shocked when we went in the basement in our house and found it completely flooded and our gas furnace system destroyed. It is a good thing that we had a warranty on that central air conditioner as well as good insurance for the furnace because that storm did a lot of damage on our HVAC units and we did not have them money to fix them. We called the HVAC company and explained the situation. They sent an HVAC technician to come and look at our central air container and furnace to see if they were fixable. Luckily, the gas furnace was not completely ruined and could be fixed by the HVAC technician, but the central air conditioner had no hope of ever working again. We were able to go back to the heating and cooling business and get a new central air container installed all for free.

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