A tornado took our entire HVAC store

A tornado destroyed our entire HVAC store that we have owned for over ten years.

I became an HVAC technician when I was a young adult, and after graduation from school with an HVAC degree, I decided to open my own HVAC shop which would not only have all different kinds of air conditioners and furnaces to buy, but you could also call and set up a time for me to come and fix their air container, furnace, or air purifier.

My HVAC store has run smoothly for many years now, and I enjoy traveling around and fixing people’s air conditioners, furnaces, and air purifiers, but recently a really bad storm came that formed a tornado. I was currently fixing a broken air purifier when I first realized that there was a tornado forming. I quickly went to the shelter and waited. When the storm was over and I went back to my heating and cooling business to see if any damage was done to it, I found the entire store wrecked! The windows had been broken, and many air conditioners, furnaces, and air purifiers had been sucked out and thrown in every direction. Luckily my heating and cooling business had insurance, and I was able to fix the windows, and recover or replace all of the air conditioners and furnaces that were lost in the storm. Many homes were destroyed from this tornado, and many HVAC units, especially central air conditioners, were broken and I spent the next six weeks travelling to different customers and fixing their HVAC unit for them. Ever since then I have secured my heating and cooling company and prepared the building so that it was ready for any future storms.
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