Our furnace was a great asset to our home

Our furnace was a great asset to our home for many years.

I remember when we first got our new electric furnace, we were so excited.

Before we got our electric furnace, we had an old wood furnace that hardly worked. Back when we first got our house, the wood furnace worked great, but it was hard to keep it clean and to keep cutting wood all year for it, so we finally went to the heating and cooling business to look for a new furnace for our home. We didn’t know exactly what we were looking for in a furnace, we just knew we wanted something cost effective and easy to control. There was a certified HVAC technician on staff at the heating and cooling business, and he walked us around the store and showed us some different types of furnaces and what their pros and cons were. He showed up the gas furnace, oil furnace, and electric furnaces, and we decided to go with the electric one. After making our decision, we also shopped around for some accessories for our new furnace. We purchased a smart thermostat and got it connected to both our new electric furnace, and our central air conditioner system. On top of the smart thermostat, we also purchased a couple of air purifiers to help keep the air in our home clean. Although it cost us a lot to buy the furnace and to get it installed by a professional HVAC technician, the end result was well worth the cost. Our electric furnace is awesome!


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