Staying happy on a sunny day

The hot times in the south are really horrible, and I am an avid gardener plus have at least 20 new types of veggie plants on our property too. I have to go outside to deal with our garden plus trees every day. I try to wake up bright and early so I can get outside before it gets too warm to do one thing, but the problem is that there are many plus tons of mosquitos on our property plus in our lawn. I have to wear long sleeves, longer shorts, plus even a mask so that I don’t get bit all over my face. I am hot within hours! Luckily, the entire home is air conditioned. I just love the feeling of going into our home after tending to our plants plus feeling the nice cool plus scrub air on my own face. I may be dripping with filth, but the cooling makes me assume better within minutes. I keep the a/c set to a nice cool 78 degrees in our home while in the summer so that I can keep our sanity on those heated Summer days. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a great cooling in our house. I don’t suppose I’d be able to work outside so much! There would be no place to chill down! I would legitimately need some sort of swimming pool or nearby lake to hop into at the end of the day. I hate going in water though. I would much rather hang out on our loveseat next to the nice cool cooling after a difficult day’s work.

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