Recovering from an injury

I did all sorts of lunges and squats

A few years ago, I slipped on the ice and got hurt quite badly. I was getting out of my car after driving home from work. I was running late, and the weather was absolutely horrible. The outside temperature had dropped rapidly down to twelve degrees with a brutal wind chill and non stop snowfall. I was rushing to get inside and start dinner. I slipped on the ice of the blacktop and ended up banging my head off the car, twisting my ankle, breaking my wrist and wrenching my back. Despite several months of physical rehabilitation, I had real problems with aches and pains. I found it nearly impossible to sleep and had trouble making it through the workday. I tried pain medications, but didn’t like the way they made me feel so lethargic.I was also concerned about the harmful long-term side-effects. A friend of mine suggested that I sign up to work with a personal trainer. I was doubtful that this would provide any relief but was willing to try anything. At the first session, the personal trainer asked me a whole bunch of questions about my injuries and level of pain. She then customized a workout program to improve strength, balance, flexibility and range of motion. I worked out with weights, resistance bands, battle ropes and weighted balls. I did all sorts of lunges and squats. For cardio, I varied between the rowing machine and stationary bike to avoid impact on my joints. It took a few months to notice any difference, but I couldn’t believe how much better I felt.

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