Hoping to make the ugly dress look not as awful

I am a few weeks away from attending my sister Carol’s wedding.

My sister chose out a baby pink, very clingy bridesmaid dress, and it is the least flattering outfit on the planet.

When I first tried the dress on I felt like crying because the material clung to my belly, made my shoulders look wide and my arms look fat. Instead of complaining to my sister or investing in a bigger size or burying a bulky jacket to cover me, I decided to lose some weight. I have let myself get out of shape as I have gotten older. I went straight to the core progression facility near me and I enrolled in group fitness classes. I work out with a personal trainer 4 mornings per week. Three evenings I am participating in the group fitness class with a dozen other girls. The final day of the week, I have a private session with a certified fitness expert. I have been mainly targeting cardio to drop weight in my arms and belly. During my private sessions, the fitness expert has been having me do some weightlifting to tone my arms and shoulders. I have recently tried on my bridesmaid dress again and the difference is startling. My belly no longer looks all swollen and soft. My arms don’t look so big and thick. I even noticed my shoulders are more slim and toned. I still have a few weeks to get in even better condition. I am becoming more motivated as I have seen progress. The baby pink dress is never going to look wonderful on me, but at least I won’t be embarrassed when I look at myself in pictures.

Workout classes