I stayed with the group class

My friends and I decided that we wanted to get in better physical shape together.

  • The group of us enrolled in a six month workout course at the core progression gym.

Two evenings a month, my friends and I would participate in an hour long fitness class. The main section of class targets cardio with exercises such as running, jump roping or biking. The other section is either devoted to weightlifting, ab work, lunges or stretching. When my friends and I first began, it was super challenging. I would feel the soreness in my arms and legs for several days after the class. I also wasn’t noticing any progress, and getting motivated to be in pain wasn’t all that fun. My friends started not showing up as often and one by one they dropped out. I refused to forfeit my fees and never quit. I had signed up for six months and I wanted to get maximum benefit from my money. I am now in the fifth month of my block of classes and I am the only one of my group of friends still participating in it. I am no longer sore following the class. I also have seen that my arms are becoming more toned and my belly is nearly flat now. I wake up with more energy and I also sleep better at night. I have gotten where I enjoy the workouts. I look forward to finding out what the personal trainer will have us do. I keep asking my friends to give the class another try. However, I am more advanced than them at this point. They would have difficulty keeping up with the pace of the class and are not in the physical condition I am at.
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