I make filter changes all the time

My parents moved to Florida a few years ago now, and while I’m glad for them, I do miss them fairly often. I tell them all the time that I will move down one day when I can, but for now my mom calls me pretty regularly. It’s nice to get caught up; we usually end up ranting about our jobs and then chatting about our pets and our upcoming plans. On one occasion, I was talking to her about all of the bugs in my current rental property. We have issues with silverfish and brown widows, the latter of which are poisonous and can harm someone if they’re allergic. Now that it’s summer, we’re also fighting to keep the yellow jackets outside, while letting the air inside. Since I live in the Northeast, my place doesn’t have central air conditioning, just an oil heater. My mom laughs and tells me it’s just another reason why I should move to Florida, and she’s right! Even though Florida has its fair share of bugs and creepy crawlies, they stay outside because every home and apartment down south has central air or at least a ductless air conditioning unit. With an HVAC system, you can keep the windows shut and insure all of the poisonous and stinging bugs stay outside where they belong. As long as you regularly change your HVAC air filters and have the central air conditioning regularly upkept with AC maintenance, your house will actually be cleaner and have fresher air than simply leaving your windows open, even if you live in the countryside. One day I’ll move to Florida, but for now, I keep a bug swatter nearby.

AC maintenance