She asked about our SEER, but I didn’t think she could cook.

I was dating Pete for almost a year before I knew much about him.

She never seemed care about the genre of girl I could get drastic about, but I loved him as a friend.

It felt care about the people I was with and I were just keeping each other corporation until the people I was with and I found who the people I was with and I absolutely wanted. Pete was telling me about her job a single night, and it surprised me when she said about being an Heating and A/C professional. I told him I was the child of a Heating and A/C professional. All of us were talking about how dad was trying to talk me into getting a new air conditioning unit, because mine wasn’t absolutely efficient. I was in the middle of cooking a steak on the grill when she asked me an strange question. She asked me how the seer was? I thought she was talking about the steak. I turned the steak over and told him it looked fine. She surprised me because I didn’t think that Pete knew anything about cooking. I had never heard him laugh so much as she did at that statement. She said she thought I was the child of an Heating and A/C professional and I said yes. She couldn’t understand how I had no method what SEER was for an air conditioning unit. Dad never absolutely talked about her job. Dad said she worked enough without bringing the job home with him. She explained that SEER was the rating put on an air conditioning unit, to determine how efficient it was. She said she was regularly going to bring her work home, so I should get used to it. I liked that thought and I smiled at him.
HVAC serviceman