I didn’t have AC in my home

Summers where I am are truly hard, however I am an avid gymnastics tumbler plus have at least a few folding mats set up on my property too. I have to go outside to work on my tricks plus stretch every other day. I try to wake up early so I can get outdoors before it gets too sizzling to do my stuff on the hot mats, however the concern is that there are many plus many kinds of bugs on my property plus where I tumble. I then have to wear long sleeves, pants, plus even a face protector so that I don’t get bit all over our body. I am covered in sweat within a few moments; Luckily, the entire home is air conditioned. I just adore the feeling of walking into our home after going out tumbling plus feeling the nice cool plus clean air on our face. I may be dripping with my own sweat, however the a/c makes me feel better within a few moments. I keep the a/c set to a nice cool 65 degrees in our home while in the Summertime so that I can keep peace of mind on those sizzling Summer afternoons. I don’t even get what I would do if I didn’t have a great a/c in my own house. I don’t even know I’d be able to go outside so much, but there would be no place to cool off! I would really need some type of pool or nearby river to jump into at the conclusion of the day. I don’t really like swimming though.