Getting groceries

Yep, we all know we gotta eat. Some people in certain areas can get grocery delivery as easy as someone getting electric service, but when you’re in the boonies like me, that’s just not possible. So, you gotta get off your fanny and take a ride to the local grocery store. The best thing to do this mondaine task is to plan what you need to get, and making a list is very helpful. Since I like making pasta a lot, getting a huge bottle of imported olive oil is something I have at the top of the list every time. One thing that gets me and I dread is trying to find parking when arriving. Depending on the time of day you go, it can get quite crowded. And I don’t know about you, but I hate being scrunched into large crowds. I feel like i’m a walking heater sometimes with as stuffy as it gets in those narrow isles. In the Summertime though, i’m pretty thankful that the grocery store in my neighborhood has the good sense to have a very powerful HVAC system that pumps out clean and quality air conditioning. This really helps when things get a bit on the stuffy side from all those people on crowded days. I like going on early Monday mornings best, cause that’s when their food supplier restocks everything and I can find exactly what i’m looking for, not having to waste a bunch of time. If they don’t have a certain brand of olive oil for instance, I won’t buy it that week because I believe in the old saying “quality over quantity”. Another words, I won’t settle for anything but the best! On a good day, i’m usually in and out of there within 30 mins. On the more crowded days, about an hour. Grocery shopping can be a drag, but like I said, we all gotta eat!

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