What a horrible restaurant

I am sure almost everyone has gone out to eat and had something go wrong. Maybe the waitress mixed up what you ordered and brought the wrong meal. Maybe the chef overcooked  your $40 steak. Or perhaps the food took forever to come out. Whatever the complaint, I know how frustrating it can be on your evening off. I wait all week for an evening off to relax and go out.  When the weekend is finally at hand, I want everything to go smoothly. However terrible my experiences have been in the past, this past weekend was one the worst. Of course everything went wrong when I was taking a girl out for our first date.  We were seated at the table when the air conditioner suddenly quit. I don’t mean the temperature setting on the thermostat was set too high. The air conditioner shut down altogether, because of a malfunction. It was the middle of summer, with outside temperatures in the low eighties and lots of humidity. It was plenty hot and stuffy in restaurant.  Without air conditioning it just got far worse. I was dressed in long sleeves and pants, hoping to make a good impression, and because the A/C system failed, I was a sweaty mess. I would rather have been stuck in the outdoor seating area. At least we could have had a breeze. There no way of cooling off. They must have had a serviceman on retainer, because after about 20 minutes, the HVAC service van showed up.   It took the HVAC technician about fifteen minutes to get the Air Conditioning running again. I have never been so relieved to hear the sound of the air conditioner starting up. The cool air felt wonderful on my face. I was sure my date shared my relief. We were both mopping up our sweat with our napkins.

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