A cool air machine

I imagine everybody has gone out to eat and had something go wrong to ruin it. I’ve had the waitress mixed up my order. I’ve had the chef burn my steak right. Sometimes  the food takes forever and comes out cold. Whatever it is, it’s frustrating. On my evening off, I hope to relax & enjoy the meal. Very often things just happen and nothing goes as planned.  I had a horrible time eating out last Friday. I was taking a girl on our first date, & really wanted everything to be perfect. I chose a super expensive restaurant but the air conditioning system broke down.  It wasn’t as if somebody raised the setting on the thermostat. The air conditioner shut down altogether and wouldn’t start back up. The Summer heat and humidity was brutal. I was dressed fancy to make a great impression, and with no A/C, I was a sweaty mess. I would rather have taken my date to a local burger joint.  At least there would have been air conditioning. Fortunately, they must have immediately called a repair professional. It wasn’t long before the HVAC service van showed up. After about 20 minutes or so, the Air Conditioning started back up. I was so relieved. The flow of cool air from the vents was welcomed. By then, my date and I were both drenched.  We were embarrassed, but we ended up laughing about it. With the air conditioning running, it was pleasant and so we ordered another round of drinks.