I really want ceiling fans

I really hate going to the dentist, but I make an appointment for a teeth cleaning every summer.  This past July, on the day of my appointment, the outside temperature was 84 degrees with excessive humidity.  Because of this, I dressed in shorts, tank top and sandals. I ran the air conditioner in the car during the drive and was nice and comfortable.  However, the moment I step inside the dentist’s office, I started to shiver. The blast of air conditioning was really overwhelming. There was so much cold air pouring from the vents, it was actually noisy.  When I checked in for my appointment, I complained to the receptionist about the chilly conditions. She was not at all sympathetic, and I noticed she was conveniently dressed in a sweater and long pants. I was left sitting in the waiting room for forty-five minutes.  I switched seats five times but couldn’t escape the influx of freezing cold air. By the time I finally got called in for my appointment, I was super aggravated. I then waited another fifteen minutes for the dentist to get around to me, and I was continually exposed to the air conditioning.  I made sure to complain to the dentist about both the freezing temperature and the long wait. At the end of the appointment, I was shivering and my teeth hurt. I was then expected to pay nearly a hundred dollar for all of that torture. If the dentist would raise his thermostat setting by a few degrees, his office would be more comfortable and he could afford to lower his prices a bit.   It was such a relief to step outside into the heat and humidity. After that experience, I am now looking for a new dentist.

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