My dad is something else

My father is literally the most unhealthy person in the world. Anything he can do to make himself not as healthy, he does it. My father basically stays up all night long and sleeps until 2 in the afternoon. He drinks multiple coffees everyday with tons of cream and sugar. He loves to eat a full bag of chips at night and a bunch of candy bars. He smokes packs of cigarettes daily, drinks tons of beer and does not exercise. It is astonishing that he does not have tons of health problems. I want to get him up and moving more. That is my first step to get him healthy. I have been getting into some trouble though. My father just bought a smart thermostat for his home. With this, he never has to get up out of his chair. He has the TV remote right by him and his phone for the thermostat. Changing the channels, heating and cooling is all he really needs to do. At least with the TV remote I can hide it and he has to get up. The smart thermostat running by his phone is no good. My father keeps his phone charged and on him at all times. He can just click his app and change the HVAC settings without even moving. He also can control fan speed, humidity levels and what time the HVAC will come on. I get that smart HVAC devices are meant to be convenient. But, the smart thermostat is making my dad even less healthy. The thermostat takes care of too much for him.

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