Sizzling summer days

The hot times in the south are really terrible! I am a big swimmer and have a good pool with a few odd types of chemicals dumped in our pool too. I have to go outdoors to tend to our pool and tiles every other afternoon. I try to wake up early so I can get outside before it gets too hot to do my swim, but the concern is that there are lots and lots of flies on our property and in our pool circling around. I have to wear special scents to get them away and even eye goggles so that I don’t get the bugs in my eyes when I come up for air. I am super irritated within minutes, then luckily, our total beach house is air conditioned. I just adore the feeling of walking into our beach house after finishing up in the pool and feeling the nice cool and disinfect air on our face. I may be dripping with water, but the a/c makes me feel so much better within seconds. I keep the a/c set to a nice cool 72 degrees in our beach house during the Summertime so that I can keep quite cold on those sizzling Summer days. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a fantastic air cooling system in our house. I don’t suppose I’d be able to go outside so much; There would be no place to cool off! The only one place I have at this point in my poor, small swimming pool.

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