Of all places to find this

I was out grocery shopping the other day and I happened to come across one isle that had portable space heaters for sale! I could not believe it! Wow! Portable space heaters in a supermarket.

This was something I never expected to see.

The other thing about it was that the portable space heaters were top HVAC brands. And they were also much cheaper than they are in the regular stores that sell portable heating and cooling equipment. I was in the market to get a space heater, so I decided to buy the portable space heater while I was grocery shopping. When I got back home with the groceries, my wife was thrown back by the fact that I bought a portable space heater at the grocery store and how cheap it was. She said that I did well in making the decision to buy the portable space heater. Now we have a nice cozy heater in our bedroom to compliment the central heating system. This portable space heater that I bought at the grocery store is so powerful also. So much that we may be able to turn off the central heating and air conditioning system at night and just run the portable space heater in the bedroom to relax and get a great nights sleep with quality heating. Quality heating during the cold times of the year is the key to a really great night’s sleep all around. And we’ve been getting just that ever since we got this portable space heater from the grocery store at a really low price!


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