I will burn heat for wood

My boyfriend, Doug, just loves to go camping.  Every chance he gets, he packs up his tent and backpack and heads off on a camping adventure.  He’s happy sleeping on the ground, cooking over an open flame and bathing in a freezing cold stream.  Doug would really like me to join in on these trips. I prefer to have access to modern amenities. I like the ability to flush the toilet, shower in hot water, and microwave my dinner.  My main priority is temperature control. I want to be able to adjust the thermostat and combat the outside weather. When Doug insisted I go camping with him, I insisted on accommodations with a thermostat.  There was no way I was going to live in a tent for a week, at the mercy of the elements. We rented a cabin in the middle of the woods, right beside a really gorgeous lake. We went at the end of November to enjoy of the gorgeous colors of the autumn leaves.  Because of chilly temperatures and the likelihood of snow, Doug assured me that a heating system was included. After a very long and cold hike, we arrived at the cabin, and I immediately started searching for the thermostat. Instead, I found a wood burning fireplace.  Rather than simply turn a dial for heat, we were required to chop down trees, cut logs, and haul them back to the cabin. The logs were dirty, wet and full of bugs, which created a huge mess. It took forever to get the fire started, and the cabin filled with smoke and fumes.  To keep warm, we needed to huddle right up close to the fire. From now on, I will be spending my vacations at a resort that includes a modern HVAC system and room service.

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