I totally feel for my wife, I absolutely do. And it’s not that I’m not a nice guy or supportive or any of that. It’s just that I’m not the best at getting my chore list completed in a timely fashion. This is not anything new. I’ve been horrible at household responsibilities since I was a youngster. My Dad was typically on myself and others about getting stuff done. I just didn’t do it. And now my wife has to deal with this. It’s not as if I come back home from work, plant my butt on the couch as well as drink corona in the HVAC comfort of my living room. That’s not it in the least. Really, it’s just an unconscious form of procrastination that I am absolutely trying to bring together. Because these chores are pressing to our modern household as well as to our family. Like the HVAC stuff is mine. I have to get better there especially. I don’t want to take risks with my family’s comfort. That is something that I don’t want to have happen. My first priority is my family so I have to get better with the HVAC device chores. That means I have to make sure that I am calling in the Springtime as well as the fall to make HVAC appointments for crucial HVAC tune ups. I want the HVAC techs to come out before the heat of summer time rolls in to be sure the HVAC is in excellent shape. And the same goes for being ready for the cold season. But, I also have figured out a way to set an alarm that goes across all of my electronic appliances every single month. This will be my HVAC alarm so that I change the HVAC air filter as well as make sure all the vents are actually open as well as unplugged.

I have to work on getting my HVAC chores done

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