Southerners Tricks to Thriving During Summer Scorchers

I was born in the northeast, but my father passed away when I was just a toddler, and five years later my mother decided she would bring the whole family down south.

  • I am the youngest of six kids, so I basically grew up in the south.

I consider myself a southern lady, and I know a few tricks of the trade. I can make a mean gallon of iced tea and fry some delicious chicken. I don’t mind if my date wants to go to a car race, and my best friend was a country music songwriter. The most important thing about being southern, though, is knowing how to cool down during a summer scorcher. The first thing is to take advantage of cool showers. Take a cool shower, don’t dry your hair, and sit under the ceiling fan. A ceiling fan doesn’t actually provide any cooling qualities to the air, it just makes your skin feel cooler; sitting under the ceiling fan with wet hair makes you downright cold sometimes – even if the thermostat is reading 85! Another thing is to put window film on your windows. Window film allows your a/c to better cool off the house because it doesn’t have to directly battle the sun. Your a/c will thank you for window film! Third is to use the microwave. If you use your oven during the summer, your air conditioner is caught in a struggle against your oven, and you don’t want your appliances battling each other. Finally, turn your a/c thermostat up a few degrees while you are at work. Just giving your a/c a little bit of a rest will prolong its life and lower your utility bill.


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