We really need the air purifier

Because my son, Ben, suffers from severe allergies, the air quality in our home is a priority.  When Ben is outside, there is no way to minimize his exposure to pollen, exhaust fumes, and all sorts of contaminants.  However, I can take every possible precaution to improve the health and cleanliness of the indoor environment. It has been my goal to create a safe and comfortable haven for him.  I take very good care of the heating and cooling equipment, keeping it as clean as possible. If there’s dust and other pollutants built up within the furnace, air conditioner or duct system, it will be introduced into the breathing air and spread throughout the house.  Every six months, a licensed HVAC contractor comes to the house to provide service for the HVAC system. He thoroughly inspects and cleans all components, optimizing efficiency, reliability and comfort. This regular maintenance not only helps to protect my son’s health but saves my a significant amount of money on needless repairs and higher running costs.  I have also invested into an air purifier, which works in tandem with the heating and cooling equipment. Installed into the air handler of the system, the air purifier targets the air in the entire home. It captures contaminants as they pass through the system, eliminating airborne particulate smaller than a grain of salt. Plus, the air purifier kills microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and mildew.  Since adding the air purifier, I’ve noticed that Ben sleeps much better and has less complaints of headaches, itchy eyes and sore throat.