This is pretty terrible

I work as a waitress for a diner that has indoor and outdoor seating. As a server, you either get outdoor or indoor seating. You never know what shift will be an indoor and what will be an outdoor. I suspect this is because no server would work the outdoor seating section. It seems odd that no server wants to be outside in the sunshine while at work. Think of it this way, no air conditioning. I hate working the outdoor seating because I get hot, sweaty and sometimes sunburned. Everything is so far away, too. If my table needs napkins, more water, or condiments, I have to run all the way back inside. I also have to carry hot and heavy dishes from the kitchen to the table. It is a lot of cardio and weight lifting. I get so hot, and not having cooling is terrible. What also stinks is that I have to pass through the air conditioning inside every time. I hate feeling the cooling for a brief moment. It is like taking a deep breath after being underwater for a long time. I get a minor break, and then I go back outside to the hot box. I would much rather be inside where there is air conditioning. The kitchen and dishes are way closer. The people in the air conditioning also are a lot more friendly since they are the right temperature. I wish the outdoor seating would just close or the diner would expand the building. They should seal in that area and add a ductless air conditioner to that portion.

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